About AQS and PAAQT

American Quilters' Society

As a service to the quilt world, the American Quilters' Society offers a program to certify appraisers who are qualified to give fair market and insurance values to quilts and quilted textiles. Appraisers certified by the American Quilters' Society have been tested on their knowledge and experience. They have also agreed to subscribe to the Appraiser Certification Program's Code of Ethical Practices. Appraisers report on their current activity within the field and professional development experiences during that period.

Professional Association of Appraisers & Quilted Textiles

Appraisers who are certified by AQS are eligible for membership in the Professional Associaction of Appraisers — Quilted Textiles (PAAQT). Founded in 1992, PAAQT is dedicated to promoting the accomplishments of its members and to provide professional development in the appraisal field. These goals are accomplished through newsletters, regional and national meetings, appraisal fairs, and continuing education classes.