Mistletoe Estate Sales

What is an estate sale, and why do you need one? If there has been a death in the family and you need to liquidate the personal property in the home, or if you are moving and are leaving a considerable amount behind, then you probably need to have an estate sale. You can do it yourself, or you can call Mistletoe Estate Sales and let a professional handle it for you, thereby realizing the maximum amount for the property.

We relieve you of all of the work and worry, and also counsel you about making the choices of disposing of the estate to its best advantage. The owner of Mistletoe Estate Sales, Terri Ellis, is a Certified Appraiser of Personal Property, International Society of Appraisers (ISA CAPP), and adheres to the ISA Code of Ethics.

What you can expect from Mistletoe Estate Sales:

  • In business in Fort Worth, Texas since 1992.
  • Pre-sale consultation to determine if the contents warrant an estate sale.
  • Cleaning and arranging of all items to show to their best advantage for sale.
  • Pricing each item, with knowledgeable evaluation of all collectibles and antiques.
  • Advertising, through newspaper and electronic media, to ensure the maximum attendance at the sale.
  • Crowd and sales control to protect your property during the sale.
  • Fees are based on a percentage of the gross income, and all costs are spelled out in the sale contract.
  • Accounting of money received; a check is mailed to you within 7 business days after the sale is over.
  • Arrangements may be made for pickup of items left after the sale, per the contract, and your wishes.
  • Professional conduct, honesty, and fair standards at all times, references furnished upon request.
  • For estate sale and appraisal service in Oklahoma, contact Matt McNeill, at www.okcestatesales.com. Highly recommended!